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Tonner Doll Co   Including 10 in. Tiny Kitty and Ellowyne - Scroll DOWN

TONNER Dolls & Fashions

Crimson Castle Holidays Outfit $100. plus postage
"Form-fitting lined red velvet gown with mermaid hem topped with exquisite red velvet floor length coat. The coat has a 'bolero' cut front and hangs below the gown in the back. It is embellished with large 'rubies,' hand-embroidered detail and faux red fur. Red rubies 'also trim her red strappy pumps and match her earrings."

New condition. Never displayed. 


"Sweet Indulgence" Giftset Items $35 per set.

#1 Peignoir and gown with white shoes from another Tonner outfit.  The writing seen through the peignoir is from the box on which I took photos. It is not on the clothing. $35

#2 Peignoir and gown with matching shoes.  The writing seen through the peignoir is from the box on which I took photos. It is not on the clothing. $35

#3 Long Skirt and Sweater. $35

#4 Long Skirt and Jacket with Rhinestone Buttons. $35


"Venus Rising" Outfit Complete.  $125.
New condition. Shown below being worn by a Kingdom Doll and Supergirl. It was made for the Tyler body.


"After Party" Dinner Jacket and "Opening Night Sparkle" Gown $79.
Originally offered as separate boutique items, I am selling them as a set. 
Sized for Tonner's BW body.
Excellent condition.

Jac d'Argent Outfit   SOLD
Comes with jacket, bustier, slacks, beaded belt. Shoes are damaged but will be included anyway because the soles are still good and you might be the creative type.
(Rarely seen dressed doll was a Cherished Friends exclusive.)

"On Fifth" Outfit $49
On Fifth outfit consists of a luscious tweed jacket with posh faux fur collar and button details, iridescent shantung trousers, suede gloves, large handbag, beaded earrings and bracelet and multicolored faux leather pumps.New condition.


Faux Fur Stole $Free with Purchase.
This was actually a wine bottle fur stole from Pottery Barn. It closes with a strong hook. Lined. 
Never used.


 Tonner 10 Inch Tiny Kitty

Early Edition Tiny Kitty Silk Ensemble $39.
Excellent condition except the tiny flower is missing from the bodice. I do not have the earrings either.
Includes sleeveless silk dress, bolero jacket, beaded necklace, netted hat, stockings and shoes as shown.

Lounging in Style Tiny Kitty plus Chaise  $69
Beautiful 10" blonde doll dressed in lilac bra, panties and peignoir with matching lilac shoes and beaded cluster earrings.  She is accompanied by a chaise in pastel lilac and off white, decorated with beads and flowers and fringe.
All in like new condition.


Simone Rouge 10 Inch "Evening Allure" Outfit  $39.
 Shantung gown with rhinestone accent and gathered tulle skirt. Includes pantyhose and shantung pumps. Earrings. Shoes shown go with another fashion. The correct shoes will be included.

Tiny Kitty Teddies $10 each.
Actually I have the two on the right that are marked unavailable, not the others.


Forever Yours Brunette 10" Tiny Kitty Dressed Bride Doll + Lingerie & Wedding Cake $50
Comes with original, large hat box. Doll, two fashions and wedding cake.
 The fashion and doll are complete and in very good used condition. Her hair could use a little updated styling. 
Hairstyle is a wavy updo with a silver tiara and veil. Her eyes are blue and eyebrow paint matches the hair color. She has the original 2003 facepaint. Her dress is an off-white silk shantung with beaded accents. This set comes with a light mint green version of the lingerie that comes with the 2004 Basic Dolls. She also comes with a wedding cake, bouquet, pearl jewelry and a garter on her leg. 


Tiny Kitty "Fall"  A Toy Shoppe Exclusive Dressed Doll  $60.
 This is a prime example of the kind of detailed, high quality work Tonner Doll did. The brocade fabric gown is beaded all over. The gorgeous coat is full with detailed puff sleeves that snap at the wrists.  Purse matches the gown. Kitty's hairpiece is a halo of fabric flowers. Earrings and necklace consist of beads using the same colors as in the gown. Stocking, shoes, doll stand.
All in excellent condition.


Tonner Wilde Imagination

Synthetic Mohair "Ava" Chin Length Pageboy with Bangs WIG   $20.  
Fits Ellowyne
Reddish Brown


Ellowyne "Black Bow" PUMPS  $20
Shoes are deep pink faux suede with a black bow and feathers. Never used.


Wilde Imagination  Evangeline "A Cold Walk" Faux Fur Trimmed BOOTS  $25.
New in hatbox. Made to fit vinyl Evangeline.


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